Safe Labiaplasty in Gainesville, FL

Dr. Sadove is one of the few Plastic Surgeons in the USA to have the experience that comes with completion of a fellowship in Genital Reconstruction. This is why you will be confident you will have comfort, increased self esteem and function. There are a variety of reasons why a woman requests the procedure. Sometimes it is due to pain or discomfort from tugging or twisting of the labia during sexual intercourse or sports like riding a bicycle. The other reason is simply self-consciousness or embarrassment during intimate relations. Other times, a large labia is visible through shorts or a swimsuit.

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When the labia minora hangs below the major and the major do not close over them, the surgery is performed to correct this situation.  At times, one side is significantly larger than the other and the two can be made closer in size. However, most often both sides are reduced so that they no longer twist or tug.

For reasons Dr Sadove will explain at the time of the consultation, he prefers a plastic surgery procedure which uses a common plastic surgery technique called a W plasty. There are potential problems with the trim procedure such a a straight line visible scar. The wedge procedure also has limitations and the chance of creating an irregular  deformity. A pie shaped wedge removal can leave long labial on the two sides of the wedge. Extra skin folds of the clitoral hood can also be removed at the same time.  Fine absorbable stitches are used which melt away with time and do not need to be removed.

Labiaplasty in Gainesville, FL

A week from heavy work is the usual time required. During this time patients are encouraged to take frequent baths with Epsom salt and use a small amount of Vaseline for comfort along with a vaginal pad.

Tampons and sexual intercourse is usually resumed after four to six weeks. This is not the end of the healing period. All wounds continue to soften and mature for six months.

Patients are very happy with the results. Many scientific studies have found over 90% patient satisfaction rates. To know more about labiaplasty, contact us now!