Tattoo Removal

Many tattoos may be removed without lasers. Patients often do not want to wait the extended period of time required for numerous laser treatments. They prefer a scar. A scar does not have the psychological or social impact of a tattoo.

Often, when in exposed areas, removal may be required for employment reasons such as law enforcement. Breakup of a relationship is another frequent motivation for removal.

Tattoos may be appropriate for surgical removal by excision. This may be in one stage or require more than one procedure, depending upon the size and location. Local anesthesia is used in the office as a sterile procedure. Whether or not this can be done varies widely, depending upon its size and location.

The most successful areas for tattoo excision are the backs of the fingers, groin, lower abdomen, lower breast, and other areas depending on the size and laxity of the skin. In some cases, multiple excisions are required with an interval of several weeks apart in order to remove the entire tattoo.