Mini face lifts treat aging in the lower face and may also be known as Weekend face lifts, Cheek lifts, MACS lift, Quick lift, Life lift, S lift, minimal incision facelift, and limited incision face lifts. Although specific details of these procedures may vary, they are variations of a mini facelift. It is named as such because of the decreased length of surgery and recovery time compared to conventional facelifts. They also share the short S-shaped incision around the ears.

Signs of aging in the face occur for many reasons such as heredity, skin type, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices. An aging face can give you a tired appearance or falsely expressed feelings. A mini facelift restores the youthful appearance of the lower face by tightening the support structures, correcting sagging skin, and eliminating areas of excess fatty deposits along the jaw line.

The best candidates for a mini facelift are typically between the age of 40 to 55 with mild to moderate amounts of loose skin in the lower face. Individuals with significant amounts of loose skin in the neck may be better candidates for a conventional facelift.

Much like a rubber band that has been overstretched, the tissues in our face weaken over time, losing resiliency and the ability to maintain a firm youthful position. Additionally, fat deposits which normally give the face a soft rounded appearance migrate downward and are depleted creating hollow areas. These changes create deep wrinkles, jowls, and loose skin in the jaw line. During a mini facelift the tissue under the skin is repositioned upward and the skin is tightened.

MACS lift. Lets be clear about MACS lift. This is nothing more than an acronym for a certain way of suturing the fascia of the face. The skin incisions are the same. Dr Sadove knows the plastic surgeon who described the procedure very well on a personal basis. In fact, Dr Sadove personally had a MACS lift by this plastic surgeon. Dr Sadove chooses not to use the acronym for the manner in which he sutures the deep tissues as he has his own preferences and improvements upon this now decades old technique.

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Prior to the start of a mini facelift you will be given one of two types of anesthesia to make you as comfortable as possible. General anesthesia causes you to sleep during the procedure. IV sedation causes you to relax but you may not be entirely asleep. Less invasive procedures will not require full anesthesia or a hospital operating room.

           BEFORE THE                     PROCEDURE

Before the procedure Dr Sadove will draw lines to guide placement of the incisions in front of the ear and ending behind the ear lobe. The skin is elevated and sutures are used to advance the underlying tissues upward. This lifts the sagging jowls. An S shaped section of skin is removed and the skin is gently closed with a series of fine sutures to conceal the scar. The procedure is repeated on the opposite side of the face. The entire procedure typically takes less than 2 hours.


You will wear a small bandage for one or two days. External sutures are removed around 5 and 7 days. There is usually very minor bruising or swelling following the procedure. Normal activities are normally resumed in 4 or 5 days. There are usually no drains.


With this relatively quick procedure and recovery time, your appearance can be rejuvenated giving you the youthful look that you desire.