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Treatments can reduce a scar’s size or appearance, but the scar will never completely go away. The texture and color of scars are never the same as normal skin because the sweat glands and pigment forming cells never grow back. Scar treatments include:

  • Injections: A Plastic Surgeon may inject medication directly into the scar, making it smaller and flatter. Steroids are used often
  • Laser treatments: Several types of laser and light treatments can help make scars less noticeable. They may remove red and brown colors.
  • Pressure therapy: An elastic bandage, silicone gel sheet, puts pressure on a wound during the healing process to decrease a scar’s size.
  • Scar-revision surgery: Plastic Surgeons are trained in a range of surgical procedures that can improve its appearance. This is an exchange of one type of scar for a different, preferable scar.
  • Camouflage Tattoo: When a Plastic Surgeon is not able to improve a scar this technique is often a great alternative.
  • Dermabrasion: The procedure rarely improves the appearance of scars and is rarely used today.
  • Peeling: These treatments are often overused and rarely make improvements in serious scars.
  • Microneedle: These treatments also overpromise results and are not for serious scars. The theory is that new collagen will help smooth out your skin’s appearance. It is only a theory.

Dr. Sadove can best advise you what option will provide the best results for you!