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Online Pre-Surgical Registration Instructions

Your surgery has been scheduled with North Florida Surgial Pavilion. To start the pre-surgical assessment process, the surgical center requests that you fill out your medical history online with One Medical Passport as soon as your surgery has been scheduled. Once you do this, the Pre-Anesthesia testing nurse will be able to access the information you entered online.  This information will help the nurse prepare you for your surgery. To begin your online medical passport:

  1. Go to their website:
  2. Click the “Pre-Registration” and “Complete Your Pre-Registration Information Today” links to get started.
  3. Click “Register” if you are a new patient, or “Sign In” if you are a returning patient.
  4. Complete the registration and medical history screens, click finish to submit your Medical Passport to the facility.

  Be sure to have the following information available before starting your Medical Passport:

  • Your health insurance information
  • The name, phone number and address of your physician
    • Richard Sadove
    • 352-234-3334
    • 101 NW 75th Street, Suite 2, Gainesville, FL 32607
  • A list of all medications you are taking, their doses and frequency
  • A list of surgical procedures you have every had and their approximate dates

Note: if you not able to complete your history online, please call the pre-op nurse between 8:00 & 4:00 at (352)-333-4566 as soon as possible to complete your health history. You will still need to have the above information available when you call. Please allow 20-30 minutes for this call.

How to return to One Medical Passport: Returning patients may update their information through the facility website, or by going directly to and clicking the “Sign In” button. You will be asked to enter the username & password you created. Simply select the facility and update your procedure information.Your previous medical history will populate the form. If you do not see the option you are looking for, or are having problems, please click the Help link on the left.

About One Medical Passport Completing a One Medical Passport medical history online is easy. For most patients, filling out the entire questionnaire takes less than 30 minutes. Please fill out the questionnaire accurately, and be assured that all of your information is kept confidential and will be thoroughly reviewed by your medical team. At any time, you can quit filling out the questionnaire and come back and complete the unfinished portion at a more convenient time. One Medical Passport is a website that allows you to enter your information at anytime from anywhere. You can also print out a copy of your medical history after you create it online and keep it with your other healthcare documents as well as have access to it online anytime you need it or want to update it.  

Please be advised that Dr.Sadove has an investment interest in North Florida Surgical Pavilion and that you have the right to choose any hopital or surgery facility for your procedures, subject to the appropriate medical staff privileges at such hospital or surgical facility.

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