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Mons Pubis Fat in Men and Woman
Also known as Fat Upper Pubic Area

FUPA pubic fat is the loose layer of fat tissue that hangs over the lower abdominal area and above the genitalia. There are many causes. If fat alone, it may be from weight gain. When due to excess skin only, it may be from weight loss or aging. When due to excess fat, it is treated with liposuction. Skin removal under local anesthesia is used when due to skin excess or laxity.

Women are often distressed by bulging of this area which may be visible in swimsuits or undergarments. It is often present after pregnancy. Reduction of this mound is associated with great satisfaction.

When excess loose skin in present in men it can create what is known as “hidden” penis. This can even be seen in infants and require surgery to keep the pubic skin from sliding over the penis. Dr Sadove has written about this problem in Chapter 85, Textbook Plastic Surgery. The skin slides toward the end of the phallus instead of being attached at the base, resulting in a hidden appearance.

Regardless of whether this occurs in childhood or adulthood, the true length of the penis is concealed. There usually is a large amount of fat in a pad above the penis. In the ageing male, fat and excess lax skin can hang over the base of the phallus, giving a shorter visual and functional appearance. After removal of excess skin and/or fat with liposuction or an incision in the pubic hair, the penis shaft skin can be pulled up and sutured to the base of the penis and the supra-pubic skin pulled up and sutured to the deep fascia. It is partly a reverse “tummytuck”. This is particularly important for men who wish to have a longer appearing penis. Fat grafts and implant surgery can be avoided. The penis is longer in appearance by adding to its length from the base. No incision on the penis is required.

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