Platelet Rich Plasma is a novel new therapeutic approach in regenerative medicine that is now rapidly gaining steam in cosmetic therapy arena. Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy helps to restore the rejuvenated skin, corrects wrinkles and fine lines. This corrective technique involves the collection of patient’s blood to concentrate the plasma, and re-inject it back to the tissues that are intended to treat. It is an injection under the skin and NOT microneedleing. By using the patient’s own blood, the risk of developing infections or allergic reactions could be eliminated, which is so very important. Technically speaking, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is not a ‘facelift,’ but it can provide different beneficial results.  A more youthful features of the skin follows from the injection. The benefit from placing it on the skin followed by needling is seriously in question.

Platelets are vital for several self-healing body mechanisms. Stored inside of platelets are important molecules known as growth factors. The growth factors present in the Platelet Rich Plasma are important for activation and rejuvenation of skin tissues. The growth factor-rich plasma helps the skin to rejuvenate  the collagen and rejuvenates the skin in a natural way.

The concentrated platelet rich plasma contains increased concentrations of certain growth factors and proteins that promote new capillary formation, collagen production and damaged tissue repair. These bioactive growth factors facilitate accelerated tissue repair and promotes skin rejuvenation.

What are the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Cell Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma is particularly preferable for someone who prefers non-invasive medical treatments over surgical procedures. This approach harnesses the body’s regenerative power to rejuvenate the skin without the risk of infections or allergies. Individuals who want a more youthful, renewed appearance benefit from Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy. Research studies have shown that – Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy aids:

  • Skin rejuvenation in a natural way
  • Smoothing out skin wrinkles and fine lines
  • To achieve fuller facial features without opting for commercial fillers
  • Improving the acne scarring and face appearance
  • Hastening the healing process after a facial peel procedure


How the procedure is done?

  1. Dr Sadove performs this procedure in the office. The initial step of Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy is to draw the patient’s blood sample in a specialized, clinical laboratory-grade blood collecting tube. This is the same procedure we are all familiar with from a simple blood test at a lab.
  2. After the blood collection, Dr Sadove will place the blood-containing tube in his  centrifuge to spin the blood sample at a pre-defined speed. After a short time the blood separates and Dr Sadove will then harvest the your own platelets from the blood sample.
  3. After harvesting, the platelets are then treated with calcium for activation .
  4. Dr Sadove will either apply anesthetic cream on your skin or inject some local anesthesia for your comfort. You want such a highly experienced surgeon who knows how to do this for you with little discomfort.
  5. After activation, Dr Sadove will inject the platelets into the target area (neck or face) of interest by using small needles that are similar to Botox injections.
  6. Patients are aware of visible results within two or three months after treatment.

Based on the observed results of the initial treatment, Dr Sadove may recommend a second session for better results.

You may experience mild to moderate procedure-related symptoms such as redness, inflammatory reactions and skin irritation with tingling sensation beneath the skin. These symptoms are not side effects but positive signs that skin is getting regenerated and building back the collagen. It could be several months before the patient could notice the healthy skin changes, quality and youthful texture. Contact us to know more.