Capillaries, Redness & Rosacea

Many experts regard the Varilite 532 laser as the gold standard for treatment of vascular lesions (broken capillaries), blotchy red skin and rosacea.

“The flushing and telangiectasias associated with rosacea are notoriously difficult to treat with standard medications. Newer technologies, namely medical lasers and light sources, have made it possible to control and improve red signs of rosacea. The 532nm Varilite KTP laser in particular is an efficacious and safe tool for treatment of this disease.

The latest addition to the laser armamentarium is the KTP YAG laser. Its relatively short wavelength at 532 nm and high affinity for red color of blood makes it ideal for targeting blood vessels that are superficial in the skin. Unlike the PDL, which causes explosive vessel rupture and leakage, the KTP YAG allows for a slower, more gentle heating, coagulation, and collapse of the vessel. This minimizes pain and bruising.

The Varitile 532 laser has the advantage of being able to deposit that energy over a longer period of time due to longer pulse widths. This allows for adequate thermal damage to the target, while minimizing damage to surrounding tissues. These characteristics make it ideal for treating the pathology involved in redness of rosacea. As laser treatment becomes more common in the outpatient setting, the Varilite 532 has proven to be the most useful modality for this stubborn form of rosacea.”

Is the laser treatment comfortable?

  • The treatment consists of a number of laser pulses accompanied by a tingling or slight burning sensation. During treatment, in order to provide a more comfortable procedure anesthetic cream is available. We can apply a local anesthetic cream, Emla cream prior to treatment.

What does my skin look like after the treatment?

  • You may experience skin redness and warmth after the rosacea treatment. We apply cooling onto your skin after treatment. Sunscreen and natural minerals are applied to protect you skin from the sun and to even out any redness. No one will be able to discern that you have had a laser treatment if you return to work immediately after the procedure.
  • You may experience some swelling, particularly the next day that may last a day or two following treatment. Some scabbing and even blistering may be occur but is uncommon. The side effects are rarely noticed by others if you cover with make-up.
  • Most people continue normal activities after the treatment. Others prefer to undertake the treatment after work and are able to return to work the next day without feeling self conscious.

How is Rosacea Treated with the Varilite Laser

  • How is Roseacea Treated?
    We use a vascular laser, Iriderm Varilite 532nm laser, which is a world class laser providing exceptional results for Rosacea patients without the likelihood of down time of side effects. In 3 to 6 treatments patients generally obtain a 70 to 90% improvement in redness and capillaries
  • What is Rosacea
    Rosacea is an inflammatory condition of the skin. It is characterized by redness and flushing. Typically this occurs on the faces of people with fair skin types.

How the laser works?

  • Removing Capillaries Using Iriderm Varilite Laser KTP 532nm
    The 532 nm wavelength of the Varilite laser has an affinity to the colour red.
    The light is absorbed by the red blood of the capillaries, which heats
    the capillaries to a level where they are destroyed. The treatment will give you excellent and safe results because the Varilite laser has a hand piece whereby we can change the spot size used by the laser to trace vessels from 1 mm to 5mm in .1 increments.
    That means that the Varilite laser has many different spot sizes to choose from to
    trace your vessels. You receive superior results compared to other machines.
    With the Varilite laser we can be very accurate and not cause damage to the surrounding skin.

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