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Lower eyelid surgery is performed to improve the cosmetic appearance of the area below and around the eyes. It is most important that you select a surgeon with extensive experience and proven good results.

What can be treated?
Bags under the eyes may be treated in order to remove an appearance of tiredness and a groove called a tear trough. Loose wrinkled skin can be smoother.

Lower eyelid surgery cost may range around $5000. The fee is higher with an experienced expert due to his experience. The operation is very different that an upper eyelid operation. Surgery is performed in the Operating Room where a facility fee and Anesthesiologist Professional fee is included in the cost. Care credit financing is available to assist patients with the cost.

You are usually lightly asleep under a light general anesthetic during a lower eyelid operation. Patients wake up immediately and go home after a short period of time in the recovery room.

Some swelling, mild bruising and discomfort may be expected. The incision is usually on the inside of the lower eyelid and there is no external scar or sutures to be removed. Some patients may have a laser peel of the skin which adds additional days to the recovery.

The results are long lasting and good results can be expected. To know more about this procedure, contact us!!!