Scar Revision means to alter a cut in the skin either at the time of injury or after a period of healing. When performed at the time of injury, the purpose is to provide a healthy skin edge for closure of a wound. When a scar is surgically treated weeks or months later the purpose is to make a bad scar better. Scar Revision provides improvement in the Texture, Tone, and Color of a scar.

Some scars will benefit from being removed surgically and changed with plastic surgery techniques called Z plasty or W plasty. Some will not benefit from surgery and are best treated with camouflage tattoo techniques. You will find an explanation of camouflage tattoo techniques here on the website. A plastic surgeon like Dr Sadove can best tell you which technique is best for you.

Dr Sadove’s decades of experience is here for you to have the correct procedure performed by a true expert. Treatment is custom selected for you with the most advanced treatments available. You may consult with us via Virtual video for your convenience in private. No doctors in training. CareCredit and PatientFi  is available.

* Results may vary from person to person