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We will do our best to provide you with the best care you can receive anywhere in the world. Consultations are complimentary. If you only left your email address at night, we will get back to you sometime after 10 the next morning. If you will please leave your phone number we will call you back.

Many patients contact us asking about the price of a particular procedure. The reason why we prefer to give you a price after a consultation is because too often there is some misunderstanding about exactly what procedure would be best for you. The price could be very different depending on the procedure. For example, for those who wish to change their nose, it make a very big difference whether bone needs to be removed or not. Some think they want a tummy tuck but really need liposuction. Do you need a minifacelift or neck? Breast implants with gummy bears or not? These are all examples of things which are best made clear at a consultation in order to give you an accurate understanding of the cost involved.

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