*Results may vary from person to person

“Bra Rolls fat” refer to the excess skin of the back below the level of a bra. This is often extremely troublesome as many patients are anxious to have these improved. These rolls may be treated with surgery or liposuction. When it is clear that the problem is due to excess skin alone, an operation called a bra line back lift is performed.  In such cases, the skin is pinched and little fat is felt under the skin. The two opposing sides of skin can be felt to almost rub against each other. However, if pinching the skin leaves the fingers far apart, it is clear that this is excess fat.

Significant reduction in the size of back rolls may be obtained from liposuction alone.  This is in part because the back skin is very thick. The thick skin is high in collagen and elastic fibers which have a good ability to contract when treated correctly. The skin must be treated with more aggressive liposuction to include the area directly beneath the skin.

Dr Sadove usually performs back suction under a general anesthetic in order to suction the under surface of the skin aggressively. Local anesthesia for the suction of bra rolls is not usually performed because it can be difficult to obtain enough anesthesia for the patient to be comfortable during the procedure. The treatment requires aggressive suction through tissues which are  tightly bound. It is not all like the muffin top or lateral thigh which is the opposite. There the tissues are loose and anesthesia easily spreads through the tissue which is easy to suction. In the bra roll, the aggression is needed in order to thoroughly remove fat from under the dermis of the skin and allow the skin to contract.

Results from bra roll suction are predictable and have a high satisfaction rate. To get more details about bra rolls fat, contact us now!